Beauty of Comfort

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Photographs capture the beauty of the moment, whether a rose, a fern or frost on a leaf.    But while they can be beautiful we must not miss the magnificance of the beauty itself.    The rose, fern and leaves are alive. They live.     In the same way we do not think time and chance formed a computer, so we understand that all life was designed by a Master Designer.   If we miss this, we miss everything.    Margaretha

Endless variety abounds to encourage the down-hearted

The amazing thing about this beautiful rose is that it is on only one branch of a bush that has the most ordinary small flat red roses.   You can see them in the picture below.  It is so hard to believe they are on the same bush, but I photographed it myself.  The owner of the rosebush said it is not a graft as he has had the bush since it was planted.  


We had a hard time finding it this year (prior to it blooming of course) because all his bushes had other flowers, including this bush.   One day when inspecting them all again, I noticed roses like this one, but far smaller than the one I photographed last season.   I am so thankful I found it last year.

What beauty will you find today?

Such beauty excites the senses with wonder and our spirits rise.

Christ pointed His disciples to the flowers of the field, growing in rich profusion, and glowing in the simple beauty which the heavenly Father had given them, as an expression of His love to man.... The most gorgeous attire produced by the skill of art can not bear comparison with the natural grace and radiant beauty of the flowers of God's creation.   Steps to Christ 88.

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