This is looking up in the canyon.  

Where there is light, it shows colour.

Out into the light again.   It was difficult to get pictures as were were reliant on our guide flashing his torch, which he did not do enough of. I don't know why, but many people said they only were able to get black dark pictures.  I was fortunate to get some colour.  I lagged behind our guide, taking pictures whenever I saw some light.   I had to be careful I did not get too far behind. Some of the pictures are blurred as I could not wait long enough for my tablet to focus. However, I am happy I was able to capture some variety of colour.  I wish I could have spent more time there to get some good pictures, but we were reliant on our guide for transport.

This is Antelope Canyon.   It is a slot canyon, unlike open canyons.  I had seen pictures of the inside of the canyon, but did not know we were going there.   It was very interesting. You get there by open jeeps as they are called.   A rough dusty ride.

 Beauty of Comfort

Our group at the widening of the canyon just before leaving.  

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Going into the canyon is very dark, were it not for the torch of our guide.

Our guide is on the left