Beauty of Comfort


We all have to learn to appreciate.

 It does not come naturally.

This lake and gardens are in Ararat Australia.   You may have beautiful gardens where you live.  Do you appreciate the work they do to maintain them?    I know the men and women working there are doing their job, but why not thank them for making the gardens beautiful?

Spend time at a park near you and appreciate it.

Enjoy the birds and the colours of nature

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Music -- Ballad for Adeline by Richard Clayderman free download

Swans are always a graceful favourite

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It is encouraging to be told you are doing a good job. Appreciation reacts on both parties.   It is not lost, even if it doesn't seem to be appreciated by the person you say it to.   God is recording your words of appreciation.

A pelican was an unusual sight at the lake

What did you appreciate today?