Beauty of Comfort

A late and beautiful rose.

It is such a pretty tree, young or old.

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Autumn or Fall is a pretty time.   The colours of the leaves on many trees are magnificent.  It is such a joy to drive around looking for the beautiful colours.    And when the sun shines upon them, the colours are enhanced.

To think the leaves are dying is amazing.  God has certainly made Autumn a beautiful season.  He has put hope in a season that is in reality sad.  It was only after the entrance of sin that the leaves began to die, but not only the leaves, everything, man and all creation on this earth.

This is one of my favourite trees.   I know it is an elm, but not sure what kind.  I love the green colour of it.   It is my daughter's favourite too.

When you see the beautiful autumn leaves, bask in their beauty. Don't just let them flash by as you drive past.   Stop and admire them. Be amazed.   Thank God for the blessing to be able to see colour.

Look at the colour of the tree behind the house.  It is brilliant.   I could not see this tree any other way than from the front, and only the top as you see it behind the house.   Ooooh so beautiful.

This is a public park that is more beautiful in Autumn than  any other season.

You can see some of my favourite elms in the distance.

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This is such a pretty little town as you drive through.

Such a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Isn't this magnificent?   And I caught it just at the right time.

From every angle it shows its beauty.

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."  Genesis 8:22.





In the new earth, the leaves will never die, nor anything else.

Aren't these rich colours!

This is my favourite picture of both trees together.

Across the way is another tree, so bright and beautiful.   I like to photograph them together.   Such a contrast.

This is a tree I love to watch change colour. It happens fast and I have to be ready.

Chrysanthinums for Mother's Day.