Beauty of Comfort

How cute, a little green-eyed panda to keep my little white bear company.

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Thank you for the flowers and the painting.

 Well, I have come back to cold.   I know it is going to get warm soon, but in the meantime, I am having trouble keeping warm. I left 85 degrees in California, just a perfect temperature.  Of course this is Fahrenheit. Whatever it is in Celcius, it is just right.   Phoenix and Moab were 103F, which I know is 41C.  Hot. 

Well, I am back home again.   This is one of the lovely flowers my daughter bought me as a welcome home.   It was a lovely welcome as she drove me home and stayed a few hours before taking the three-hour drive back home.   So lovely.   I have been going through my pictures to try and sort them out into categories.   I have finished some, but still working on others.   It all takes time.

And thank you for my welcome home in 2015.

Wow, green flowers.   My favourite colour.

Thank you for my lovely welcome home in 2016.

Whether pink or white or orange, they are so beautiful.  But the best part is the love that overshadowed the gift.  Make sure you always put love with your gifts, won't you!   It is the most important ingredient.