Beauty of Comfort

Clouds are so pretty at times aren't they?

These are two pictures a friend took one evening.  Quite amazing sunset.

This was an interesting sight.  The sun had already gone down a while before, but suddenly this pinky glow appeared.  It rained for quite some time and I was glad i was in a good place to take pictures.   I tried every kind of pink to match the sky, but they all clashed.   Mmmm.

Oh I love clouds don't you?   These look so lovely.    On some days I just want to follow clouds and take picture after picture.   

This was an interesting stormy sky.

The big fluffy thunderheads are so lovely, especially if you are wearing sunglasses!   Try it if you have never done it.   You will be pleased.

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Do you like these clouds?    I do.

A gentle sunset

This one was magnificent - a sunrise.

A very different quiet time.

The palm tree makes a good silhouette against the pretty sky.  Do you think so?

This is a morning glory.  I love it when the sun's rays a seen like this.   The morning skies are often very beautiful.  They remind me of 'that new morning' when Jesus comes back. It will be the resurrection morning for all those who love Jesus.  What a wonderful day it will be.  Make sure you are ready, won't you?   I want to meet you then.

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I watched this storm coming up and getting closer and closer to me.   The wind became strong and I was a bit scared I might be blown off the mountain.   I wasn't, but it was scary.  Finally it was on top of me and it rained heavily. An interesting experience.

Chemtrails, sometimes look good, but mostly speak of controversy.


I love taking pictures of the sky, whether a sunrise, a sunset, clouds, whatever is beautiful.   And there are some very beautiful skies.   I remember the most amazing sky I had ever seen and I was with a friend in her car.   I kept wanting to stop, but there was no opportunity, except at the very end of a road we turned down, so I got one picture and that was not good either.   It was a sky of clouds but the most amazing clouds.   It was soooooo difficult for me. I keep hoping the same type of sky will happen again.   So far I have waited well over a year, but not yet....