Beauty of Comfort

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This picture is also from      Again, the colours are amazing.

Swans are always special and a welcome sight on a lake.   Here are mum and dad and their little ones.  

You may not call this a chook.  Of course its a hen, but its a chook, a nickname it has in Australia.   Its colours are pretty.

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These birds are either crows or ravens.   I am  not sure which one.   If they are ravens, they are special because God used ravens to bring food to Elijah in the wilderness. It is wonderful how the birds obey their Creator.   Mostly human beings don't, but we need to.    He understands more than we do.  Below is a young magpie.

Spring and Summer will bring nests and eggs and exciting bird-watching.

"For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth;  the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle (dove) is heard in our land..."  Song of Solomon 2:11.12.

This is another family of swans.

Those of you in the United States and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere will be anxiously waiting for Spring, as the text says.   The above picture was taken at the Grand Canyon, as is the one below of a crow or a raven.   I like to think it is a raven.

I did  not take this picture, but if I was in Queensland, I could have. It comes from     Aren't they beautiful parrots?    The colours are so vivid.

This parrot looks a bit ruffled, but it is sure a rainbow of colours.  God has made so much variety for us to enjoy.

These are geese;  very big birds.    The white one is so beautiful.

These are my neighbours ducks, and it looks like a hen too.    They are pretty colours too -- for ducks, and the chook.

This is the budgerigar, or as many call it, the love bird.  This is its natural colour, but breeding has given rise to many different colours - blue, yellow, and those with a mixture of these colours.   It is a common bird in the wild, in rural areas, not in the city.   It learns to talk well, if trained without other birds in the vicinity.