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It wasn't easy to catch the little birds staying still and so a lot of the pictures are blurred.  But you can see they are growing.

A day later there was only one little bird.  Again no dead bodies around the nest or on the floor.

Thankfully that one little bird is doing well.    

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One day I noticed only two little babies in the nest. There was no dead bird outside the nest.  What happened to it?

This is the last time I saw the little bird.   He had grown quite big and was filling the next.  This morning when I looked, the nest was empty.

A day or so later I found these part egg shells on the ground some distance from  the woodshed,  Oh I hope nothing has taken the eggs.   But no, three little babies are in the nest.

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Do you know God looks after the birds?   If He did not, we would be overrun with insects and spiders.  

The Bible says our heavenly Father notices when a sparrow falls to the ground, and He sees the birds and cares about them, how much more will He care for you?     

They do not sow seed or reap and gather into the barn their food, but our heavenly Father feeds them.  How much more important are you?    Matthew 6:26.  

As you look at the birds around you, remember that God loves you far more than He loves them.

These eggs were photographed in my woodshed, way back in the dark. It certainly was observation as I don't normally go back into the dark of the woodshed.   But suddenly I saw a bird swoop past me from that direction and on looking, observed the nest.   Oh, three eggs.   I don't know what kind of a bird hatched the eggs, but it was black, possibly a Minor.   It seemed too small for a blackbird.    And of course I have been watching them every day or so when the mother was not at home.

The baby bird has gone.  I hope he flew away with his mother to grow up to become a happy bird.

 Beauty of Comfort

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