Of course this is denied by those who believe in Evolution, but the evidence is overwhelming if you look for it.  There was a judgment upon wickedness.  It was done to SAVE those who trusted in Him, otherwise they would be destroyed by the evil.

Beautiful Bryce Canyon Utah USA

Note the walking pathways.  They are miles in length.   I did not go very far as I might not have the strength to get back.

Bryce Canyon. Utah.   I was there in 2015 and 2016.  

It is so beautiful.  Amazing.

Music:    Beautiful Pan Music -- free download www.clip.dj.com

The sun hit the top of the canyon as I took this picture.

Look at all the pathways to walk

There is an important lesson from Bryce Canyon --- God can turn something terrible into something beautiful. This canyon is the result of the flood that engulfed the world in Noah's day. Yes, the whole world was flooded. After the water receded, the earth suffered extremes in weather and over many years left formations that today are beautiful.

Go to -- Zion Canyon

It would be fun to walk the paths.

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 Beauty of Comfort

  • Beautiful pan flute music Einsamer Hirte4:08

If you are experiencing a very difficult situation at present, always remember the words -- This too will pass.   Ask God to bring out of it something beautiful.