Beauty of Comfort

Well, I did not succeed in taking a 'picture postcard' bubble, but I will keep trying.  Maybe I will find a solution that keeps them from popping and a gentle breeze that keeps them afloat until I take 'that' picture.

Bubbles remind me of heaven. To me they are a reminder of the world to come where we will rise above gravity and fly to worlds beyond.  It will be a wonderful day with no more tears. These little bubbles are like tear drops drifting off into space.

"The tears of the penitent are only the raindrops that precede the sunshine of holiness."   Desire of Ages p300.

The rainbow colour of bubbles reminds us of the covenant rainbow of God's mercy.  The rainbow is a union of sunshine and rain, a reminder that this life is made up of blessings and hardships, but when put together, they form a beautiful character in the person who allows that union to be brought forth.

But I did get some, always aiming for 'the' picture.   And trees in the background are nice.

This one has lovely colours, but it is flawed and not just one bubble.   I like them to be a perfect round bubble.

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The ugly background got in the way.

When I came home, I kept blowing bubbles, but it was even harder, as I had to blow the bubble with one hand and take the picture with the other.   It was very frustrating as the wind whisked them away so fast.

I also tried to put the right solution so that they would not burst so soon, but this didn't work either.   Some of them rested on the leaves of plants, but they were not as I had hoped.

Mine did not even have the beautiful colours!   I took lots and lots and only a few are just okay: not special at all.  I am not discouraged. One day I will have the bubble I am looking for -- wait for it.

They are so pretty with their 'rainbow' colours.

I love bubbles.   My grand daughter and I had a fun time together blowing bubbles.  She was blowing and I was trying to take photos.   It wasn't easy as I wanted to have a nice background as well.   Often they would head to the house and it was not what I wanted.  I kept trying as I wanted the 'perfect picture'.   I did not get it!

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