Beauty of Comfort

And don't forget new friendships.   If you treat them kindly, they will grow into something strong and lovely.

They are so delicate.    All small things are delicate, so treat them carefully, from the rose bud to the little child.  You will be rewarded in time.

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A rose bud is the promise of something beautiful to come.    Think of small things as promises.    An acorn holds a beautiful spreading okay tree.    Whatever is small, do not despite it.  Treat it with care.    A new beginning is just small, but it promises something beautiful in the future.   A child is only small, but he will become a strong man;  a little girl into a beautiful woman.  Treat them with care and they will come to something great.

So many varieties of colour.  Our God is a Master Designer.

Isn't this adorable?    Just like a dear little girl.

  • Celtic Spirit - Over The Sea To Skye4:43

Life is full of beautiful if you watch for it.​