Beauty of Comfort

Notice the thick root in the middle.   The roots are shallow, so they are easy to dig up, however, doing this work is fruitless as they come back next year, worse than the year before.   I know by trying it myself.   So until I find out how to get rid of them, I will just enjoy them from a distance and mow them down.

The paddocks are being taken over by this pretty weed.

It is wonderful how God can turn a weed into a carpet of beauty.   This is so lovely when driving past. I cannot help but stop and take pictures -- with you in mind.

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Capeweed is a weed that is difficult to eradicate.   I only know one person at present who has succeeded in getting rid of it in his garden.   Everyone else says, 'When you find out, let me know.'   I must find out.

Weeds in the life are hard to eradicate too.  The only one who can successfully take them out of our lives is Jesus.  He is all-powerful. Tell Him you have tried, but failed.  Tell Him you don't have the will-power.  If you surrender to Him, He will give His power and you will be successful.

Of course we need to take care of our lives and bodies, as weeds can come back if we neglect to care for them.   Daily surrender to Jesus and watchfulness will maintain a beautiful personal garden.   And you are worth being it.    You are valuable to our God, and to me too.

By the way, the animals don't like the taste of capeweed, but the farmers have learnt a trick.  They spray them and it makes the leaves taste sweet! Probably a chemical that is not good for the animals, but it works to keep the weed down in their paddocks.

This is a two-second view on the way to town.   If you are not looking to the right, you miss it.  It love the view and often stop to take pictures.   I have to walk back a bit through the grass, as there is no stopping at the right spot.   Its worth the effort.  You will see some of this on other pages at different times of the year.

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This beauty is capeweed, the flowers that make daisy chains.   It is a pain in your own garden, but it looks lovely from a distance. This is a local paddock with the golf course beyond.

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