It was hot, and walking on sand is not the easiest. I walked around the closer dunes among the scrubby bushes with other older people.

This is Snow Mountain, a white rock.  It certainly contrasts with the black volcanic rock and the other rocks along the way.  It is not an amazing sight to see, but the drive is very pleasant.  The United States is certainly a place of contrasts.

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I found the rocks very interesting.  Look how fine the layers are.  The fact that there are bends in them means they were laid down while still moist.

I found a few short clips of the Coral Sands and put them together to make a short movie.    It is VERY amateurish, but it gives an idea of what it is like more than just pictures.   I made a few bloopers, but managed to conceal them a bit!   I repeated one part so you can see it again.   Enjoy.


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Other videos come up of people sand-boarding on these same coral sands, or riding the dune buggies.   You can choose to watch them or come back here.

  • Patsy Cline - Instrumental cover by Dave Monk2:12

Music:  Love Letters in the Sand. Patsy Cline.  Free download.

On the way to Snow Mountain.

Gradually we see more and more sand.

Coral Sands is an interesting place, and certainly the colour of the sand is impressive.   I know it is Utah as I drove there from Mount Carmel where I was staying to go to Bryce Canyon. However, the roads I will show you first actually go to Snow Canyon.   I can't remember where that is, and as I don't have many pictures of either, we will visit both places. 

Now we are heading to Coral Sands. 

Show me thy ways O Lord; teach me thy paths.  Psalm 25:4.

The black foreground rocks are volcanic rock.  

The tracks on the hill are hired dune buggies.  Racing over the dunes would have been fun, but I was not game enough to try it.  I watched some who did.  The guys on the dune are sand-boarding.

 Beauty of Comfort

A closeup of the sand, the real colour.  I like it.