Beauty of Comfort

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This is a tree the corellas have chosen to denude of flowers.   There are many of them in this tree, but they are hard to see in the picture.   

The corellas are back.   You can see some in this big tree, but there are many more.  They are hard to photograph, but I caught some in this picture.​   The cockatoos below were more cooperative.  I don't usually have cockies, but there were quite a few, some not in this picture.

These birds are also destructive.    They are corellas. Similar to a cockatoo, but not as big.  They have a little bit of pink on each cheek, and no obvious crest like the cockatoo.

There are hundreds at my place at certain times, and when they come, they are very noisy.  They don't screech quite like the cockatoo, but make their distinctive squarking (spelling?) as they fly, and when sitting in the big trees close by.

They also choose a tree to decrop of new shoots.  Most of the time they are on the ground digging for onion weed bulbs.   They dig holes six inches (whatever that is in centimetres?) deep.   It makes the ground too rough to mow with a mower, and difficult to walk on.

On the roadside of the fence at my house are two very big gum trees where the corellas congregate every night.   You can only see only in this picture, but when they are all there, it is very noisy.   The bird calls you are hearing are corellas. Image 200 birds sounding like this in your front garden!

When my son came to visit me, the corellas were not around.  He said, 'I couldn't live here, its too quiet.'  If he came at another time he would say its too noisy.

There they are on another tree only a short drive away.    Can you hear them?

I am sure you recognise the cockatoo on the right.  He is a destructive bird.   Cute when he copies what people say, but destructive in the country.    The birds on the left are not destructive. They are galas and very pretty.    Cockatoos bite off the young shoots from trees.   They decide which tree they will attack and then bite off the new growth.   There are other destructive things they do.

The cockatoos and corellas are wherever they can get a feed, but then that's quite natural isn't it?

At least you can see these three. Birds are amazing, but some times they can be pests.

When the corellas arrive, there are hundreds and hundreds of them.

Not too many here yet.

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