Above and below are driving to church on Sabbath in the fog.    

I have mentioned it before, but GREEN is the colour representing FAITH.   In winter we sometimes need more faith and there is plenty of green.  Of course if you live in snow country you have to wait until spring, but WHITE represents RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is a gift we receive by faith.

 Beauty of Comfort

Variety is the spice of life -- all things.

I love the blue hills.   And I love them even more now that the government has covered many of them with wind farm towers. Obviously they do not care for the beauty of God's creation. Near me there are 75 towers, a few kilometres away are 70.  A friend told me that near him are 150 of them.  

If you think they are making plenty of electricity, you are wrong.  Most of the time they turn the power off and although the wind is blowing them around, nothing is being generated.   And the local people don't benefit at all.  What they do generate goes to another state.

When they first went up I was disgusted.   I still am, but have had to put them from my mind, although I can't as I drive past. All I can do is shake my head in amazement and disgust.   I have some pictures and will put them on later.

The poor gum tree is having its vitality zapped away by mistletoe -- the parasite that kills the tree in the end.

Concluding for now with a mountain range they can't put wind farms on, for which I am grateful.

This is another one of my favourite pictures.

Beautiful.   One of my favourite pictures.

Boring?   Beautiful, don't you think?

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I used to live in this valley to the right of the picture beyond the tree in the foreground.   See housing in the next picture.

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I love driving around the countryside taking pictures. Although Australian countryside is much the same all over, (except in the tropical areas) it has its own beauty.   The different seasons and different times of the day give different pictures.   Some pictures are dull, some bright, some foggy, but they give an idea what it is like in this country if you live in a different place in the world.   (I think I have used the word 'different' enough don't you?)    Anyway, enjoy my country.

This was in the early morning.   I love the look of the fog on the hills.   This picture is the same place during the daylight hours.   It is a well-pictured spot, including artists.

My favourite green.

Could you ever think the hills in the above picture are boring ?

This is where I lived.   We had forty acres and I loved to go up this hill.  In the picture below you can see the stump on the top of the hill.  That is where I used to sit and meditate.  It doesn't look very high, but it is a good view.

I have been showing you many hills that have been spared from becoming wind farms, but here is one that was not spared.   You can see three on the hill.   I will put more on as soon as I can find them!

Once a friend said to me.  'You live near those boring hills that don't have trees don't you?'   I was not happy with that question.  They are  not boring at all.   It is true most do not have trees, but the hills are beautiful.   I hope you think they are too.