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This is my favourite picture of the ocean at Kirra Beach.   The waves look like the lace on a baby's shawl. My footprints will soon be washed away, leaving clean, smooth sand.  That is the way life is.   We are here a short while, then we are gone.  

But, praise God, it is not the end of God's plans for us.   He wants us to surrender our lives to Him and then, when the time is right, He will take us to His home where nothing will be washed away by the sands of time.  

Today, let the waves wash away your earthly plans and take hold of God's wonderful destiny for you.

A simple little jelly fish becomes a jewel of beauty to me.  I spent some time looking closely at it.   To think this was a living creature washed up on the shore.  How amazing. The wonder of God's creation. 'Oh thank you Lord for showing me beauty in a tiny jellyfish.  Your wonders never cease.' 

  • Celtic Spirit - Over The Sea To Skye4:43
 Beauty of Comfort