The best sighting is from the restaurant.  It was threatening rain while we were there.  You can see the rain beyond the mountains. While the name of this place seems appropriate, it is a sad fact that the minds and hearts of men do not give glory to the true God, but speak of 'the gods', which don't even exist.   Let us instead acknowledge that we have a loving God who is happy to hear our praise.

  • Mariage d'Amour // RICHARD CLAYDERMAN2:59

Above is the strong man holding up the rock, and below is the trusting boy who hopes it doesn't fall on him.

 Beauty of Comfort

In the 'Garden' up close.  There are some very different rock colours, right next to each other.

More to come

Music:  Mariage d'Amour.  Free download.  

This is the Garden of the gods in Colorado.     It is quite impressive when seen from the restaurant over the road, and in fact, the best place to see it. Natural formations (well, from the flood), named so because someone considered them a 'garden of the gods'.