Beauty of Comfort

Beautiful Grand Canyon

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As with Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon can teach us much about God turning a disaster into a blessing.   Trust Him to do it for you.  But you need to surrender and ask for His blessing upon your life.

Grand Canyon is  the result of the flood of Noah's day.  Again, God can bring beauty out of chaos if you let Him.    Will you surrender your problems to Him today and allow Him to work in your life?

Music:  America the Beautiful.

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Grand Canyon Arizona, USA.   It is so amazing.   At times it can look unreal, like as if its a painting.   I have been there in 1987, 1989, 2013 and 2015 and again this year in 2016.   A privilege.

Taken just as the sun was going down.

Taken just as the sun was rising.

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All pictures are the natural colours.    Under some skies  the canyon is very pale, under others it is vivid.    You can't stop taking pictures when there.   It is WONDERFUL.

Taken during the mid-daytime.

Taken after sunset

The colours change with the time of day and the weather.

Taken as the sun was beginning to lower in the sky.

The different colours of the canyon are amazing.  It all depends on the time of day and the conditions at the time.   You have seen above some at midday, at sunset, at dawn, and many times in between.    All colours are as I saw them.   It is certainly a beautiful place and well worth visiting.  If you can go there, try to stay at least three days, as there are so many different views to see.