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        I love the hills when they are green

Fresh grass is so green and lovely

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On my way to church one morning I captured this beautiful scene. The fog had risen enough to reveal a vivid strip of green grass.  It was an inspiration and I continued on my way rejoicing.

As green is the colour of FAITH, it is obvious God wants us to have much faith.   When the grass dries and the leaves fall, our memory of the colour green will refresh our spirits during the long dry months of the year.   Of course if you live in snow country you might not see much green, but I hope so.  Perhaps you do. I really don't know.  Possibly the melting snow allows moisture to keep the grass green during the Summer months. I was not in snow country long enough to find out.

 Beauty of Comfort

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This is a two-second view.   My brother and I were passengers in a car and I said to him, 'Look to the right and in a moment you will see a two-second view that is lovely. He did and and then it was gone. Most people would not notice it, but I am always looking for places to take photos.  There was no place to stop here, so I had to walk back, but it was worth it.