Beauty of Comfort

Some farmers seems to wait a long time before they bale it. Others are very quick. Everyone has a different method.  If it rains while lying on the ground, the farmer will have to wait longer until it dries out.   I am told if they do not do it at the right time, it can combust in the shed.   No one wants their precious crop to burst into flames and be lost, so they must be careful.

​I like the contrast between the grass in the foreground and the yellow crop behind the fence.   It looks as if its nearly ready to be harvested.


This  is a late crop.  This farmer has already finished and baled a huge shed full, but this crop was waiting -- until now.

I have really enjoyed driving around the countryside photographing the different harvests, either almost ready to harvest or have just been harvested.   It is very interesting to see the different ways farmers do things.   I had opportunity to talk to some of the farmers too, which was good.

In the distance you can see a farmer reaping his crop.  The time has come.  His long wait for growth is being rewarded.

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I think this is lucerne, but am not sure.  At one time I asked a farmer about a purple flowered crop and he said it was lucerne, but at another time another farmer said it was something else. Obviously more than one crop has purple flowers.

Once the crop is harvested, the farmer waits for it to dry out.   Some farmers check the protein content; others do not.   Those who go the trouble of doing it get a better price for their grain.

An old picture I found.    I like it.

The crop needs the latter rains to bring it to maturity.   Then it can be harvested.

This crop isn't ready yet.   You can see it still looks green.

We will see the final act in the harvesting process on the next page.  

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I wish I could have got closer to the white crop, but try as I did, it was not possible.   I don't know what it is.   It looks thick and lush.   I needed a telecopic lense.

The farmers are waiting until their crops come to maturity. The final rains fill out the head and then the crop is ready to reap.  The Bible uses farming imagery when it speaks about the harvest of the world.   The reaping takes place at the end of the world.

In the spiritual realm, God's surrendered ones must receive the spiritual latter rain to bring them to maturity, then Jesus can return to take them home.   The spiritual rain hasn't fallen yet, but it will soon.

The crop above is for sheep fodder.  I found a few flowers outside the fence which I photographed.  And I saw a farmer to ask what it was used for....