The next three pictures were very special to me.   They looked so golden and good and the bales were right beside the road where I could get close to them.   I love these three pictures and hope you do too.

Every so often I saw old bales.  I don't know how long these have been sitting in the paddock, but it seems a long time.

There is a verse in the Bible relating to harvest that is very thought-provoking.   It has a spiritual application, but uses nature's seasonal language.   May it not be your experience, or mine.

It looks like the round ones are not hard to stack after all.

Others have chosen round baling. 

I asked about rain.  He said it doesn't affect them as they are standing upright and it runs off.   They do it like this as the grain stalk has been cut just the right length to go into a machine later when they prepare it for animal feed.

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When the harvesting is finished, many men get together and stack about eight piles together.  

"The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved."    Jeremiah 8:20.

How happy and proud this farmer must be of his work. He has no idea other people are happy with it too.   Even from faraway places on the internet, perhaps you!!!

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These farmers have chosen rectangular baling, easy to stack and store.

This one is different.   I was able to talk to the farmer and he said they harvest the 'old fashioned way'. Instead of baling the crop, they stack it.  The harvester cuts it in small piles as you can see here.

For the farmer who gathers the bales, it is almost the end of his work.  When it is all stored in the barn, his work is finished.....  except to use it for feeding his animals.    It must be a satisfying time.   He has worked hard;  now he can rest.

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 Beauty of Comfort

Some farmers cover their bales in plastic.

What a wonderful sight for the hard-working farmer.

I would think the round bales would be harder to stack.