Beauty of Comfort

This is the New Jerusalem, the holy city of heaven.   (Obviously I did not take the picture.  It is portion of a painting by an unknown artist that has been adapted by a friend)     The celestial city is the dwelling place of God, a magnificent place, although the above picture does not portray it as it should be.   An artist's impression, but not according to the Word of God.  Let us see what the Bible says of the New Jerusalem.

The Bible tells us there are twelve foundations, all of beautiful precious gems -- jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardius, topaz, amethyst and so on.   The walls are of jasper. To give an idea of the beauty, I have shown a number of precious stones, and if you can image twelve foundations, taking the weight of a city, one of top of the other, you have it right.

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The streets of the city are made of transparent gold.   This means the colours of the foundation stones below will show through the golden streets.   Oh what a sight to see!

The gates of the city are each a magnificent pearl.   On earth, the oyster makes a pearl, but God can make them at His command.  

There is a river in the New Jerusalem that flows from the throne of God.   It is pure crystal-clear water.   There is also a huge tree that has twelve different kinds of fruit and it bears them every month.

If you would like to read about it in a Bible, go to the second last chapter  (Revelation 21) and you will read of this heavenly city.   ​​

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When Jesus comes back, He will take His people to this wonderful city, to His home with the Father.    And if you are ready to meet Jesus, you will see it in reality.

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