Beauty of Comfort

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I love to see new flowers too.   This one was not in L.A., but in a desert town, the name of which I have forgotten for the moment.

I love staying in motels, especially luxury ones, which is only if they are paid for by a tour or someone else!    This was a luxury one in Los Angeles.

Music:  America the Beautiful

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Whether by plane or train or car or bus, holidays are exciting. When did you have your last holiday?    Where did you go?   Or are you one who doesn't take holidays?  Holidays refresh and vitalise the mind and body.

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Holidays are very important.  For me, holidays in America are the best.    It may be somewhere else for you.   My brother's favourite place is China.   My other brother loves England.   My daughter loves skiing in Austria.   We all have a favourite place to go on holiday.    I love Philip Island in Australia, and Kirra Beach Queensland.

This was big feature wall made of nails.   It looked lovely.   Isn't the blue apple beautiful?

On a shuttlebus in Los Angeles. California