Beauty of Comfort

The picture below is cute.   He was watching me while he was eating.  Can you see his eye looking at me?

This is view from a patio in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria Australia

Music:  Schumann's Daydream --

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This horse was watching the ponies drive past.

Different, but precious and beautiful.   You are too.

You have seen the black and white horse before, but not the little 'strange' one.  A cloud of dust covered him as I took the picture below, so it is not clear.  But you can still see his unusualness.

Horses are beautiful animals aren't they?    They are so stately and gentle.    The horse in the next picture was taken around the corner from the above horse.    Very pretty and when it decided to run off, it looked so good.     Always see the beauty in God's creation.    Admire it.    Thank Him for it.     Say the words out loud so you can hear yourself saying them.   This will reinforce them to you, especially if you are feeling down or discouraged.    

This is not the same eye;  it is Luke's. He is back next door as you can see in the picture below.

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Suddenly he decided to run and how beautiful he looked.

This is Sam.  Luke has gone and Sam is now next door.   He is very friendly.


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I found an old photos of this lovely white horse.

It is a lovely rural setting don't you think?

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Early in the morning when everything is fresh and lovely