Beauty of Comfort

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This is my favourite Iris, but there are others too that attract my attention.   The purple and gold is so beautiful isn't it?  It makes it look like royalty.    I am asking God to make me beautiful too.   He can't change the outward me, but He can make me beautiful on the inside.  

Well, I don't mean He can't change the outward me, but He will probably wait until Jesus comes to do that.   However, He does change men and women who have lived wicked lives, and when they come to Jesus, they are changed so much they can hardly be recognised.   They do indeed look different and lovely.

  • Mountain Beauty3:01

Can you see why this is my favourite?   If God made the flowers so beautiful, He can make you beautiful in character too.    Why not ask Him to change you into the type of person you want to be, or more importantly, the type of person He wants you to be.  You will be happy with His choice. 

This is truly a royal beauty.   It reminds me that Jesus is King of this earth and soon He will return to take His children to His royal home.    Imagine the flowers of heaven!

Wow, what beauty!

The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion;  slow to anger, and of great mercy.   Psalm 145:8.      Trust Him.