Beauty of Comfort

Many varieties of toadstools.

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Compare the size of the wire with the web.  It is so tiny.

Can you see the spider web? Probably not, so I enlarged it below.  I did not notice this one until I saw the photo.

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Some places are a pleasure to walk.

It is so exciting. Have you ever had this exper-ience?   I hope you do one day.   It is such fun.

But I did see others.  They are very tiny and break up quickly after the sun comes up.

The next morning I went out, there was nothing.   Not one single strand of silk, not one spider's web.  Nothing. Obviously the celebration is over.   I look forward to autumn next year.    If you are coming into Autumn or Fall, watch for it early in the morning.    You will enjoy it.

Aren't they beautiful   And look at the tiny one below.

These are pretty toadstools, but up again are those awful ones on the side of the road.  

May is the time for mushrooms and toadstools.  As a child my father used to take us all as a family mushrooming.   In those we could enter any paddock and collect mushrooms. It was fun and we picked many of them, boxes in fact. When we got home, my Dad put lots in postage boxes and mailed them to family and friends.  Of course we kept some for ourselves.  Mummy cooked them and made a lovely mushroom sauce.    It is a very special memory.

On my third morning out in the cold, there were more spider's webs, as well as as lot of single strands all over the fences and weeds.   I happened to watch a DVD about spiders and found out that the single strands are put out by new little spiders.   They throw a strand to the wind and wherever it lands, they follow it and put another out.  Thus there are strands all over the place.

Interesting.    A fun morning walk in the cold!

Here is a new one coming up.

The next morning I went out, there were none of these little webs.  Instead a mass of web as you can see below.


The webs are all very small, but so pretty.

These ones have had their day and are finishing.

Imagine how many spiders were here during the night!

Including the early morning walk in my own paddock.    This was 2 degrees Celcius, but it was worth it for what I found.

Here I am walking in the gardens and it is a beautiful Autumn afternoon.   The pictures on this page are all over the place, just finding things of interest, often on the ground.

Little ants are busy digging.  It amazes me how big the mounds are, one grain at a time.

"The ants are a little people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer." Proverbs 30:25.