The ocean is so powerful, yet it stays where it is supposed to, except for storms and hurricanes.

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What a place to be in the middle of winter!

The city on the horizon is Surfer's Paradise. 

The day has come to an end.  Rest in peace.

Ocean sound --

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Did you watch for a sunset where you are?

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Walking along this beach in the winter was a treat for me.   I live far from the ocean and this was like a mid-summer day.  So beautiful. The change in the colour gave such a variety of pictures that it hardly seemed like the same beach.

Wait on the Lord:  be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart;  wait, I say, on the Lord.                                                                                        Psalm 27:14.

 Beauty of Comfort

A beautiful end to a lovely holiday at Kirra Beach

                    Kirra Beach Queensland Australia