Beauty of Comfort

Yes, down he came...

Finally he jumped up on the table at which I was sitting and we fed him some bread.  It was such fun to be so close.

Here is a lovely kookaburra, one of my favourite birds. When I lived in another place with my husband, we used to feed the kookaburras.  Not that they were tame;  we had to throw the food to them as they would not come close.   I would buy some meat and cut it in little cubes. As I have not eaten meat for sixty years I did not like this part, so I froze it, then cut it up -- much easier.

They have a very distinctive bird call -- they laugh.   It really does sound like a laugh.   You will hear him laughing as you read.

I don't see many kookaburras, and I am in the country.  I don't know why.  My daughter sees more of them on the outskirts of the big city. The other pictures of kookaburras, I took myself.

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Learn a lesson from the kookaburra, as the saying goes -- laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone. Hopefully there will be someone who will cry with you when you feel the need, but it is certainly true -- when you laugh, you make others laugh, well, at least smile. So laugh with (not like!!!) the kookaburra.

The little boy is standing very still not to frighten him.

Beneath the trees is a group of people having a picnic lunch.  The kookaburra can see the food.  Will he come down?

The kookaburra -- a lovely bird.

The other morning I was very happy when I saw one on a closer tree to the house.    I opened the door and took the picture below.

I don't get to see many kookaburras, but the other day I saw two of them close to my house. The ones below are through the window, so not clear at all.  

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There is one in the picture on the left, and two in the picture below. Can you see them?.

Here is a kookaburra in Queensland.

He is certainly becoming curious.

I crept outside and took the one below.