Thank you to you ALL.    Margaretha

 Beauty of Comfort

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This website is everything HOME should feel like, it has that WELCOME, warm, fuzzy, personal atmosphere from the first page on. The photography is outstanding and beautiful and I don't really understand how a photograph can make you feel like you're actually there, but somehow the photos on this website take you right to the very spot and you feel like you're standing there with your friend Margaretha by your side and that is the secret of the site; Margaretha becomes your instant friend and even if you haven't met her, you feel like she's been there for years!  But the very best part is who she introduces you to, which is her friend Jesus! Thank you Margaretha for this oasis in the dark days, as well as the bright ones! I want to visit often and come with you on your journey! I don't feel alone here at all!   Thank you.   Golden Eagle Films California USA

This is a letter from me to you -- those who have visited this website.   Thank you for visiting from United States, from Australia, from India, from Brazil, from Korea, From Germany, and from everywhere else.    I am very grateful to have you visit me and I just want to thank you.   I hope the site is a blessing to you.   Margaretha

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I am very glad of your new website.  It is very comfortable and encouraging. AC-A Ghana Africa

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Amen! Thank you, ma'am. And your website is so BEAUTIFUL!! I have NEVER seen such wonder and splendour!  The music is so HEAVENLY and relaxing!!! WOW!  I praise God a TRILLION times!!!  :D  :D  :D  

I received a message from a friend who put the site on Facebook. A friend of hers wrote --- Nice site, but it should have accompanying soft background or meditative music playing.  GK USA

Thanks so much George.   It did not enter my head and yes, I agree with you entirely.   I will see what I can do.