Beauty of Comfort

Dear Margaretha.  Praise the Lord.  I was finally able to get on to your website and found it to be an awesome balm for my soul.  I love your photography and the words of wisdom and comfort that accompanies each of them.  I thank the Lord for your willingness to be used by our loving God.   SH Michigan USA

Margaretha, God has used you to bless others again and again in such special ways. Your photography of God's lovely gifts of nature and kind words soothe and refresh the soul while they implant a yearning for the Designer.  I know God will use this site to bless many as it has me.   PB Washington State USA

I looked at your sites.  I love and all the photos and the notes below each of them.  It really is comforting to read them and the photos are very very beautiful.  I thank you for sharing your new sites. I really think they will be a comfort to many, especially women.  CM Arizona USA

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Daisy -- Desert Arizona USA

Hi Margaretha.  Your site is beautiful.   KM Sydney Australia

Margaretha, your website is BEAUTIFUL, and you are so right, beauty is a comfort.  I've never thought of it that way, but it does comfort us.   He is our BEAUTIFUL God; our BEAUTIFUL love.   Ahh, we all have our different gifts.   Your photography is spectacular.   I love that you have made your photographs available to others.  NH California USA

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