Beauty of Comfort

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Jesus said that the glory of the lily is far more glorious than King Solomon in all his glory.  Solomon was given the gift of wisdom, so that he was the wisest man in the world  He was also the richest man, so he had much glory.

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Oh, if my character could become as beautiful as these lilies.  God's promise is that He will change me from glory to glory.   He will do this for you too.

Those who understand the names of flowers, will know that not all these flowers are actually lilies, however, I have put them together as they are all similar, perhaps the same species or genus.   I don't know the scientific names.

The design is so intricate.   Notice the green stamen on the lily above.   So different.

Aren't these magnificent flowers?

Yes, the lilies are far more beautiful than Solomon's glory. And they are alive, something gold and silver are not.  You are beautiful to God too.

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Solomon in all his glory is not arrayed like one of these.