The pictures below are some old ones I found when there was a thick fog.

Did you notice Luke, the neighbour's horse?

Of course you did!

While the dam is there with water, and the sun comes up in the morning, and I have my camera in my hand, there will always be more misty mornings.   Enjoy them with me.

I love taking dam pictures, but am suffering because of lots and lots of mosquitos. Uhg!     I have them all around my ankles and they are so itchy.     

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Here I am at my neighbour's dam again.    I love watching the mist rise from the water, especially when the sun begins to shine on it.   The reflection looks lovely, the grass as well.  As I have said many times, you will find beauty everywhere.    Look for it and then share it.

  • Misty Woods2:33

This is the first time I have seen ducks on the dam.  

Of course you can see them!

Here is Luke on a misty morning.

Do you like the sound of frogs?   They are having a ball in this dam.     There is a froggie choir each night.

Show me thy ways, O Lord;  teach me thy paths.  Psalm 25:4.

 Beauty of Comfort

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