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We can find beauty every morning, no matter where we live. These pictures are of my own paddock and the dam next door. Almost every morning I take pictures of them and there is such a variety.    Even the grass looks pretty, although it is long.   With Summer on the way, it will have to be cut soon.

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Surprise, surprise!     This is a special rose in the glory of the early morning. You can see more of it under The Rose.    How could anyone be unhappy after seeing the beauty of this rose with heaven's sunshine upon it.   May your day begin full of joy.

I love the way the sun catches on something to make the rays shine like these two pictures.

The grass looks beautiful with the sun shining upon it.   God has given us so much beauty.   Always appreciate it --- and our Creator.   Praise Him often.

 Beauty of Comfort

Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.  Habakkuk 3:18.