The Griffiths Park Observatory is west of the Greek theatre. You have to drive quite a way up the mountain to get to it. You can also see where the Hollywood sign is west of Griffiths Park.  You can see Warner Brothers Studios, Walt Disney Studios, the Hollywood Bowl, the LA Zoo and the Glendale Forest Lawn.  Do not mistake it with the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn.  It is shown in the top map.  It is nice, but the Glendale one is better.   

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Left, Looking north


looking south over Los Feliz, Hollywood and Los Angeles

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This is the Griffith's Park Observatory on Mount Palomar in California.  In 1987 I went up there the night before I left Glendale because I wanted to check if there had been an earthquake. The observatory has a seizmograph, and yes, it was recorded.   Not a very strong one, but enough to wake me up during the night.  

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For those of you who are interested, this is where part of the movie 'Rebel without a Cause' with James Dean was filmed. There is a bronze head of James Dean here in commemoration.

Below is the Hollywood sign.  It is not always easy to get a good picture from the street, unless you know exactly where to park. I drove around and around looking for somewhere to park to get a picture.  I did not find it last time, but did in 1987.   Here it is from Mt palomar as large as life.

This is one of the views of Los Angeles from Mount Palomar.

 Beauty of Comfort

I am not sure if that long road is Western, but when I follow Google Earth it looks like it.  Western is the one you take from Los Feliz to go to Hollywood Boulevarde, Sunset Boulevarde and other well-known boulevardes.  

Mount Palomar and Griffiths Park are off Los Feliz.  Can you find the observatory? You drive past the Greek theatre and then wind up the mountain to get to the observatory. Griffiths Park further north is popular for its walking tracks in the mountain. The whole area is Griffith Park.