Beauty of Comfort

Music -- Unchained Melody by Cesar Espinoza

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This is rather obvious of course, but I like it.   Someone in the council offices has a great imagination.     Alongside the building are three boxed gifts and they gain more loveliness as the days pass by.

Some people are very innovative.   They have done these very well and they look nice.

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As the boxes arrived

This reindeer was in the hot house of the Ballarat Botanic Gardens.


This one is in Ballarat this year (2016)

Yesterday I photographed them again and they are beginning to fill out.   Last year they had similar boxes (but not the building gift box) and they lasted for two months. So beautiful and such a lovely idea.

Isn't this lovely?     It is outside the post office in Ararat Australia.


Many years ago, when I was a child at home, my father asked our family to keep our eyes open for things we observe during the day, or, if we did not observe anything, we could share some news.    News or Observation became a nightly pleasure at our tea table.  This was way before Show and Tell became popular with children at school.   It was interesting to hear each piece of news or observation.   The above seat reminded me of this long ago family ritual as it was an observation some may not even notice.   The flowers are obvious, but showing their faces through the seat, that is observation.