Will you take the step to remove the parasite from your life? If you do, you will begin to blossom.   If you do not have any parasites, why not help others who do?

 Beauty of Comfort

The mistletoe is clearly shown above in two places in this picture. Depending on the position the photo is taken, the colour is light green as you can see below.

We can learn something important from the mistletoe relating to things we do in our lives. There are many activities that look good and we might enjoy them for a while, but eventually they will kill us.

You will know what they might be for you.

Think about the pretty mistletoe on the gum trees and consider what your 'mistletoe' is that seems attractive.   Then look at what it does to the tree.  

Do you want your parasite to do that to you?


But remember while they are alive, the mistletoe looks good, but when it is dead, it looks horrible.   Don't hang onto your parasites.

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I just found my favourite picture.  Doesn't it look pretty?

Go too -- A Morning

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Mistletoe is a parasite.    They can look beautiful on a tree, until the tree is dead.   Mistletoe varies in different countries, but in Australia it takes a similar form to the eucalyptus tree or 'gum' tree as we call it, when on that tree.    The mistletoe hangs like an upsidedown tear, slightly lightly green than the leaves of the tree.