Beauty of Comfort

I thought these were carob beans, but I don't think they are, just big seed pods.  The scene below is from the art gallery.

These two elderly men went in for a quick dip.   I can assure you, this is as long as it took.  One dip each and they headed back to the shore.    It was amusing to watch them, and I wondered what they were thinking.

As I stood there watching them, the colours in the sky began to change.   Pink and purple were appearing.  It was so beautiful.

That night at the motel, even the birds were agitated, and by the way, they are corellas, screeching as they fly.  It did rain Saturday night, and I have never heard such heavy rain.  The next day it rained on and off all day.  I did not go up the mountain again, but spent the day driving around the township trying to get good pictures of my favourite mountain there.

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmment sheweth his handywork.  Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.  There is no speech nor language where their vopice is not heard."  Psalm 19:1.2.3.

This was my sunrise -- pink at 5.40am and gold at 5.50am.  To see the Master Artist at work gives joy to the heart, and a wonderful start to the day.   Praise God. 

The day brightened up as I got into the mountains.  It was a lovely drive.   Only 26 kilometres, but it took me over an hour. 

Notice the beach below is clean.   No more yellow foam.

Sand patterns

I forgot to show you the banana plantations as I drove down the mountain.   They look really good.

It was not cold at all, even though it was not sunny.  But it wasn't hot either.  Just perfect.

He said this foam gets in your face when swimming and makes it hard to breathe.

Another type of jellyfish.

The next evening I found a better view, but there was no sunset!   Disappointing to have found it on my last night, but more that there was no sunset, and Mount Warning was not visible.

How would you like to be staying this close to the ocean? The door of the motel is behind me.   Can you see Surfer's Paradise in the distance?    Below.   It is a bit hard to see.

Back to the sugar cane

I loved this little spot

Is the weather forecast correct that there will be rain all week and storms? There were storms last week I was told, and many things were washed up on the shore, logs of wood, debris, even two cows.


Before the beach I stayed near the Tweed River.   It was very nice.   I drove up a mountain to go to a camp for Sabbath, and the day was perfect.  Again, there was a threat of rain, but it did not rain all day.   

I had hoped to get a good sunset, but the building were right in front of the setting sun.  Anyway, this is what I got on that evening. The mountain was covered in cloud.

Footprints are interesting.

Back at the motel and river.  There is a sugar cane factory near the river. It is getting dark, you can see lights on the factory.

As you can see, the road is not very wide, so it is not fast driving. On the way down I saw this jungle-type growth.  I  had to stop in a safe place and walk back to take pictures.   It was only in a small section.

Little treasures.

I only saw the blue and white round top in the first pictures I took and only after looking at the pictures on my tablet did I see the tentacles.

At first I thought this was the bottom of a glass bottle, so I moved it.  It was a jelly fish, soft and spongy.

Various sizes of crab for various sizes of holes.

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"For with there is the fountain of life:  in thy light shall we see light."  Psalm 36:9.

I found lots of holes in the sand and wondered what had made them.   I found out later that they were crab holes. Some children told me, and showed me some crabs.  

Everywhere sugar cane.  Lots and lots of it.  The weather is perfect for it.  Too bad its not good for you!

These are my favourite pictures of the river, lovely reflections.

I had a little break in Queensland a week or so ago.   First I went to the mountains and then to the beach.   The weather forecast said rain all week and storms, but praise God it did not rain once while I was at the beach, so I had a great time walking along the beach and taking pictures.

You can see the white foam which dissipates and the yellow which doesn't easily.

From here I went to the beach, something I looked forward to as I love the ocean.  It was the Pacific Ocean on the Gold Coast, but not as far up as Surfer's Paradise.

Looking in the other direction just after sunrise

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I tried all day to get really close to this mountain, but it seemed the more I drove the further away it looked.  This was at an airfield, so at least I got a clear view without houses in front of me.  It is Mount Warning.  The only way to get a closeup was to crop my picture, as you see below.   This was the only time I got it without cloud covering the peak.

I saw this little creature on the road while at this spot waiting for the sun to set.

I asked a lifeguard why the foam was yellowish, rather than white and it stayed on the sand after being washed up.   He said it was because of the storms last week.  It is washing up all the gunk.