Beauty of Comfort

There is something we need to learn from this experience, just like little rabbit -- little habits can become a problem. They are nice at the beginning, maybe even cute, maybe satisfying, but in the end they are a big problem.

Unless we do something about them, we are bound by them.  You know the ones that might affect you.   Other people will have different ones altogether.  They may be physical, they might be thoughts in your mind.   They may be another person.

We have to deal with them, even though it is hard at times.  It might even be heart-breaking.  

I like watching for my little rabbit.  It is like he is my friend and I don't want to lose him.    But I also want my garden to be nice and neat.   At present it isn't and he is making is worse.   I have to make a choice about my little rabbit, and the choice is hard.  

Will you also make a choice if you have little habits that are binding you?

On this day I had come home from shopping and he was there, without moving away.    When I saw him I called out, 'Hello Bunny' and he looked at me.   It was very special to me.

This was the last time I saw my Bunny.   It has been at least a month now.   I wonder where he is???

But today I thought I saw a baby rabbit run across right across the yard along the fence.  It was soooooo fast, and I was not sure if I saw correctly or whether it was a bird.  

Mmmm.  Well, we will wait and see.

​Well, it was a baby bunny.   I saw it clearly.   Interesting.........

You will see the rabbit, but he is hunched over again.   The picture below will show him turning around.

It is now a few months since my last pictures.  My rabbit is still here, but it is interesting that to me he is now Bunny and no long just a rabbit.   In fact I enjoy seeing him in my garden.  As I said, he no longer digs holes here, but loves to come and eat my grass.   I wonder why?

Every day I call out to him, 'Hello Bunny', even if he is not there.  But when he is on my lawn, I open the door and say, 'Hello Bunny' and he doesn't run away.  I have never had a pet, so I guess this is my little pet Bunny.

I see him quite often as before, sometimes far away, sometimes close.  See if you can spot him in the pictures below.

So, these are the almost the last pictures I will have of my rabbit.   I did see him this morning and so have a few more.   He is very tame and spends a lot of time in my garden.

Well, I have seen the rabbit lots more.

This is a long way off, but you can see a black dot -- that's Bunny.

While you might see the rain in this picture, the rabbit is not so obvious as it is hunching down to stay dry.    Well, that's my observation....

Keep you eyes open as you go through each day or you will miss some interesting things.

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But of course he always runs away when he sees me.

Quite amazing as I never used to see rabbits at all.   Can you see it?

​Here it is enlarged.

He comes into my back garden nearly every day and just sits and eats the grass.   When I stand at the glass door, he stays there.  But if I open the door, he runs away.   

Have you got it yet?

I should have called this segment 'find the rabbit'.  Can you see him?    Perhaps you might think I am sitting on my verandah all day with my camera waiting to take a picture. Ha!  I am not.   I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and my phone is close by.    Many times he just sits for a while, and that it is my opportunity to catch him.    Perhaps I won't be able to get any more, but you never know....

I was sitting in my lounge room and when I looked up

I saw the rabbit outside.  

Can you see it?

Can you see him?    He is peacefully eating the grass.  

I guess I have made my choice, but he is not messing the garden up any more.  He must be digging elsewhere, in the paddock I hope.  But I really don't have anyone who would get rid of him, sooooo I suppose he stays.

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This is getting close.

Now remember, this is my Observation section.   So, what do I observe in this picture?    Its not the gate!      Do you see anything else?

I'm back home again, but my rabbit is still  here!!!

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Of course, I am kidding you.   You saw it all the time! Its not a pet rabbit.   Its a wild one, but I just happen to catch it on camera every so often.  In this picture, it had been sheltering itself from the rain, which the next picture will show clearer.

Last Sunday I had a gardener work in my garden for the whole day.  I saw Bunny once, but he was hiding.   Then I did not see him for six days.   Only this morning did I see him again in the front garden.

I took a picture, then called out, 'Hello Bunny'.  He stopped eating and looked up, as you can see in the second picture. I missed him and glad he is back.

What about the one below?

​It is a bit harder.

Well, the time has finally come that I must do something about my rabbit.  Unfortunately, he is digging up my garden.   I have had some work done and there is much soft earth.  He is having a field day.    But I want to have it graded and resown with lawn, so don't want him to be digging it all up.    Below are a few pictures of the many beginnings of burrows he digs EACH DAY. 

He pricked up his ears when I called and looked at the front door.  So he heard me.

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Can you find the rabbit is this picture?

I have enlarged it in the next picture.