Beauty of Comfort

I drove by later and took another picture.   What a joy this roadside beauty is.   I hope many people notice it and see its beauty.   Imagine what heaven will be like!  In the meantime, enjoy all the beauty you see.   

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It is not a very big area, although in one way it looks huge. I tried to get different angles, but my photos are a lot the same.   Still, I hope you enjoy them.

I was driving yesterday and suddenly came across this beautiful display.   Do you think I could drive past and just say, 'Oh that's beautiful?'  No, of course not.    I wanted to share it with you.

This beauty is just a mile or two away from me.  I only saw it yesterday.  Wow!

Beauty so close and I might have missed it.  

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Music:  Tchaicovsky. Dance of the Reeds -- Free download --

As I was taking my pictures, the cattle decided to get in on the act, and so they came over and began to moo at me.   All a part of my fun experience.