Beauty of Comfort

I am finishing with the iconic San Francisco cable car on one of the steep hills.  Alcatraz is the small island above the car.    I went on a cable car in 1961, but not since.

San Francisco is an interesting city, actually built on reclaimed boggy wet land.  Quite amazing when you think about it.

This is at Pier 39.  The seals just lie there, obviously being fed every day to keep them there, as they have become an attraction.


These pictures were taken from a bus on the Bay Bridge.  You get a nice view from the bus, and it was a lovely sunny day.

On the left is Fisherman's Wharf where almost everything begins for tourists.   Can you see Fisherman's Wharf in the above picture?  The Bay bridge is on the left.

I took these pictures on the way to the two below.

China Town, San Francisco

This is a San Francisco novelty street.  I have been driver down it many years ago.   At one time some tourists decided to hire a limosene to go down this road.  The limo driver refused, but they kept at him, offering more and more money.   Finally he said yes, but reluctantly.   He got a little way down, but guess what?   He got stuck and could not move around one of the corners.   What do you think happened?

Cities have much corruption, but we don't have to take part of it.  We can live in the light of God's glory and righteousness if we choose.   

In the other direction is the Bay Bridge.  It goes through the island on the left and out the other side.   It is a long bridge.

The Bay Bridge is in the distance

Obviously, this is flying into San Francisco.   The bridge in the foreground is the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, with the Golden Gate in the distance. 

There is also a red heart in a downtown city garden area to commemorate him leaving his heart there.

These are typical houses in San Francisco city area -- no garden, no off street parking, no sunlight except for what might come through the front window or perhaps the back.  Probably noise from the adjoining apartments. Not a home I would enjoy.   What about you?

The picture on the left below was taken on the same day as the first four pictures.  You can see a fog coming in on the horizon. This fog is not the same as the one mentioned above.   This fog is white and beautiful.  It only comes in during the morning hours, coming up the bay, it engulfs the Golden Gate, giving lovely picture as below.  

Along the way you see this bow and arrow buried in the ground.  It is to commemorate Tony Bennett's visit and his song, 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco.'

  • I Left My Heart In San Francisco By 101 String Orchestra2:57

The most important part of Fisherman's Wharf for tourists is Pier 39 where there are lots of small shops with gifts and food.

It is very windy on the bridge!

Can you imagine driving down a slope you can hardly see?

When we got to the other side, hoping to get a different view of the bridge and a good few of the city.  The fog had come in and its cold, wetness had almost blocked the city out.

This time I went to visit Alcatraz, once a maximum security prison.  It was foggy on this day too, but not as bad.   An Alcatraz ferry takes you to the island.

Look closely at the picture on the left.  I am in a bus.  You can see the railing of the bus.  How steep is the road here?   Wow, it was VERY steep.

Here, the bridge is lost in the fog.   And the city across the bay is just a white barrier of fog. 

This is the bridge on our way back to San Francisco.

These flowers are Australian flowers, but they are in San Francisco.   So beautiful.

We are now going on the the Golden Gate.

I went on a bus tour of the city a couple of times, and these are the pictures of the bridge from the city side.

Well, they called the police who called the fire brigade who tried and tried to free the limo, but were not able.   In the end, the only way to solve the problem, was to cut the limosene in pieces.   Wow!   I wonder if he got insurance for that!

In this picture you can see San Francisco's city streets, quite amazing. In 1987 I drove down one of them, scary.  The other pictures of the streets were taken in a bus.

The Golden Gate bridge, an icon of San Francisco.   The city looks really good from a distance.    Of course there are many bad things in San Francisco, but you can still enjoy its beauty.

Music:  I left my Heart in San Francisco. Tony Bennett -- Free download --