Beauty of Comfort

I have been back to my little 'secret garden' and taken more pictures.    

Remember that God has a secret place for you too.  It may not be in a special garden, it might be your own back yard. It could be kneeling beside your bed, but He will meet you there and commune with you as long as you want.   His peace with fall upon you just as the rays of the sun fall upon the steps in this secret garden.

Ferns really thrill my heart.    And of course green is my favourite colour, and it is THIS green that is the very best.   I always say, 'I want to eat it'!

It is just perfect.  Enjoy it with me.

The overhanging of this fern reminds me that I am covered by the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and have His peace.

  • 3:21

It is like a secret garden just waiting to be discovered.

Music -- Lara's These by Andre Rieu

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He will cover you too, if you ask Him.

I will finish with this gentler version of the same leaf.  It is also lovely.

Isn't this fern frond lovely?      

​                                                     And what about the one below?

God has a secret garden just for you.   It is not a secret where no one else can go.  It is a beautiful place where anyone can spend time if they choose.   When you go to God's garden, He will meet you there and spend time with you as if there were not another person on the whole earth.   God loves you so much He is willing to give you all the time you need to tell Him your hurts, sorrow, disappointments, and your joys, hopes and dreams.

But He does not impose upon any one -- He waits to be invited.

Will you invite Him today?

The tree ferns are beautiful.  Fish ferns look good too, so long as they are not all broken.

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Aren't these stairs lovely?   So natural and rustic.  Most people would see them simply as stairs to the upper level of the garden.     But there is beauty here, with ivy trailing over the ground, autumn leaves scattered about, moss on the rocks, and the sun dappled through the trees from above.    

The steps are still lovely and natural in this setting.

The sun shone just at the right time and on the right spot.