Beauty of Comfort

You can see the end is on its way.

Sister Rose's colour keeps changing.

It won't be long before the petals will begin to fall.

In the morning glory you can see Sister Rose and the remains of The Rose.

The next day the petals began to widen. 

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We will leave Sister Rose here instead of waiting until all the petals have gone.

In our daily life, things come to an end.   In fact, everything in this world will come to an end.  We are finite.   It is the infinite that will last forever -- the spiritual.    If you know God you will understand that the spiritual realities will last for eternity.

It is sometimes hard to look at that which we cannot see when our world is falling apart around us.   But this is where faith and God's promises must take over.  Faith is not trusting in nothing as some people say.  Faith is trusting God.

It did not take long for Sister Rose to begin blooming. This rose has bloomed in a few days, while The Rose was a long time in bud.   The colour is different after it bloomed.

The colour has changed again.  

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I was quite amazed to see petals just sitting on the rose.  I did not pull them off;  just picked them up.