Beauty of Comfort

I am going to mention another word here because the Bible speaks of them in a similar way -- tares.  In olden times, the farmer walked through the field and pulled out the tares, then he burnt them. I asked a farmer how they get the tares out today and he said the harvester (machinery) sorts them.      

The farmer can rest until it is time for plowing and sowing the seed for the new crop.

  • Bach1:41

Stubble is what is left after the harvest has taken place. Some farm paddocks have nothing left at all. Others have long stubble, and others short stubble.

Some farmers burn the stubble, others allow it to just blow away.  Still others put cattle or sheep in the paddock to eat what is left.  

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The prophet Joel speaks of an army that is heard in the tops of mountains that will "leap like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble..."   Joel 2:5. Fire goes through stubble very fast.

The stubble in these pictures is still there, although a bit far away to see clearly.   It looks good with the track marks.    The picture below shows the stubble more clearly.

The ground has been worked and now it must rest.   

The wicked will be "...scattered as stubble that passeth away by the wind of the wilderness."  Jeremiah 13:24.

On the left of the fence is stubble of varying lengths. Some of it has blown away with the wind. 

If you are a Bible student, there is a subject you need to consider that relates to the tares and the stubble -- the fate of the lost. The majority of Christians do not understand it at all, although they think they do.  

The lesson of the tares and the stubble is very important.   During the harvesting the farmer has to deal with the tares, lest they spoil his crop.  After he has harvested the crop, he clears the ground because he wants his next season's crop to have the best opportunity for growth.  

In the spiritual realm, God likens those who are saved to the wheat and those who are lost to the tares.  He needs to deal with the tares lest they spoil His wheat, and He must  clear the ground of stubble before He recreates this earth.


If you would like to know more about this subject, with evidence from the Scriptures, please go to -- Tares and Stubble.   If you would rather not, or have no interest in Bible verses, that is fine. But if you have ever worried about the subject, the truth will relieve your mind.