A new bud!    Oh, my happiness will continue as I watch another rose begin to shine before me.     My rose is still blooming, but soon its petals will fall.

Don't forget there is another rose coming on.  It looks a bit marred here, but it will bloom like its sister.   Go to Sister Rose for her story, which is in progress at the present time.  Of course I have other roses, but this one was so special standing tall at my window.    

 Beauty of Comfort

Gradually some of its outer petals began to move out. It looked red when it began, but gradually changed to pink.  Lighting shows differences too.

Slowly it opened out until it was very full. It looks different doesn't it?  I thought the petals would soon fall, but they didn't.   There it stood in its glory.

The other morning I noticed something.    Did you see it?

When I looked out my kitchen window, there is was.   I say was, but in reality, as I type, there it is.

Yes, its petals did begin to fall.

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It still looks just as beautiful in the early morning sunshine.   Each day it stands tall and gives glory to God.

It just gets fuller and fuller - and remains  beautiful.

Music:   The Rose.   Free download -- clip.dj

This is one of my first roses this year and it stands tall outside my kitchen window.    It was a long time as a bud, and I waited and waited, rejoicing that I would have such a lovely first bloom.

Yes, its petals were gone.

This is something we have to live with at present.   This old world is dying, but one day new life will arise and our world will be re-created.   In the meantime, we must ask the Lord to create new life in us so that we will be ready for the world to come.   My rose actually was beautiful for a month, quite a long time.

Finally it was out in full bloom

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