Beauty of Comfort

They come up looking like mushrooms, then something strange happens. Instead of staying white, they begin to turn brown.

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Gradually the toadstool becomes all brown and then it explodes revealing a dark brown powder.  I assume the spores are in the powder for the next generation.  But by this time it looks horribly ugly.

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I want to finish with a beautiful toadstool I found on the outskirts of a bush golf course.     Isn't is lovely?     

Another one that is beginning to die

I have asked others if they have seen the toadstools as they drive along country roads, and no one I have asked has seen them.    So, this is my observation.

Here you can see them pushing up the bitumen

These toadstools are quite amazing where they grow -- on the shoulder of the road.   They have strength to push up through the gravel, and they don't seem to grow anywhere else.

Unfortunately, not everything in this sinful world is pretty.    Sin is ugly just like these ripened toadstools.  We can observe the ugly, but then turn from it to the beautiful, knowing that one day God will make all things beautiful.

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LOOK!    Do you see what I see see on the tennis court? They are not tennis balls.  Guess what they are?     Yes, those toadstools.