Beauty of Comfort

Unless I have a really really good close up, I won't put any more kangaroos.   This morning  (the following day now)  I did not see them, but there was a lovely sunrise at -2C.   

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Both of them are in this picture.    Can you see them?

Well, I don't have much else to say, except thank you for visiting the site.    Although I do not know who you are, I hope you are blessed.    When things are difficult, just hold on.  They will get better.  I know they will for me.   I like to visit the site and enjoy it with you.   

God be with you until next time.



It is a wonder he did not get up and jump away as I do not open the drapes slowly.   Instead he lay there watching me.  I got a chair and sat at the door watching him.   He got up a few times, then sat down again.    

I knew there were two others behind the tree as I saw movement.  Eventually one of them jumped to the right of the picture.

Hi my friends,

I haven't been doing much on this site for some time due to not feeling very well.  I was sick due to smart meter radiation for three years (except while overseas) and so when I had the money, I had the smart meter moved 45 metres away from the house.  But I got sick again, so I removed the wifi and go an ethernet cable to my computer.   Then sick again.  

What was it now? One day I realised it was using my cell phone with the data on and the phone's radiation.   Now when I want to see if there are any messages, I turn it on and leave the room for a bit.   Then come back, turn it off  and look at my messages. 

I am still not 100% .  Don't feel sick now, but am a bit spacey in the head and don't have much motivation.

I also noticed this morning that my quota of pictures is at 68%. Wow!   I will need to go easy on pictures. If I reach 100%, that will be the end of adding anything!   :-(

The other morning I was happy to see some kangaroos on my property.   I put some pictures on the Kangaroo page, but I have a few more, so thought I would put them here.   Of course all this type of photography is just to show you something and it is not always that good.  And with the kangaroo photos, they are far away, so it is not much of a picture.

I have drapes in front of a glass door and the other morning I pulled them across to see a kangaroo relaxing beside a tree in my middle paddock.   You can see him below, especially enlarged.  Looks a bit like a deer in this picture.

The relaxing kangaroo has rested enough.  He gets up and then jumps to the right.  You can just see his back legs.

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This morning I opened the blinds in my kitchen and two big kangaroos hopped past.  Wow!  I always wish I had my tablet in my hand at that moment as they are so big. I could only take pictures at a distance.   The two below are this morning and you can see one of them jumping the fence.  I watched him jump over from a standing position.   Amazing.