Beauty of Comfort

I wanted to write and tell you that I am able to type at present, but was not able to last week, and may not be able to after next week - for a while.   I had quite a large cancer on my left hand (I am left-handed) which looked like a big boil.  It was removed by cutting it out, but I was told last Monday that they did not get the root and I will have to have surgery in theatre to remove it.   I am praying it won't be difficult to find and take out so it does not affect my hand too much.   It has been difficult doing things with the first cutting, and I hope it won't be more difficult.

Trials come to us all.   We need to place our trust and confidence in Jesus to get us through.   It is still hard and I tend to think negative thoughts at times.   To make sure I remain on the positive side I am reading Bible promises out loud every day, as these will help me remember that God will work things out according to His will.

I heard an experience of a young man who accepted Jesus as His Saviour, but began to suffer from depression.   He went to a doctor to see what could be done and asked that he be given something other than drugs first and if that didn't work he would take a drug.

The doctor told him to say 100 times each day 'It is a good day and I am loved.'    So every day he said these words, but with his teeth gritted.   He repeated them very fast just to get them done for the day.    One day some weeks later he was driving to work and suddenly the thought came, 'I IS a good day, and I AM loved.'   His mind had accepted the words as truth and he was healed.   (Of course some depressions need more help, as it depends on what is causing the depression)

Anyway, I thought if it did so much for this man, it would help me to repeat Bible verses rather than make up a sentence.   So I have found lots of good verses and read them out loud, asking God to bless them to my mind.  I am only reading them once, not 100 times.  But it takes quite a while to read them all, and I am thinking about the words as I do it.

If you are a Christian, I would love you to pray for me.

Last weekend, my brother and his wife visited me.  When they were about to leave, my brother walked outside and called out, 'There is a kangaroo in the paddock'.  We went outside and yes, there was a kangaroo.   We took some pictures and at one time it jumped into my backyard and just stood there looking at us all.   It was quite tame.   It was a female and could have had a small joey in her pouch as the pouch was quite visible at times.    I said I would not put any more kangaroo pictures on unless they were closer and these are a bit closer.​​

I went to the front of the house and looked down the side.   She turned and looked at me.   

After looking at us for a while, she then began feeding on the grass and ignoring us.

  • Memories2:36

This is just before she hopped away into the neighbour's paddock.   We also captured some parrots, a bit far away.

Kangaroo footprints in soft soil in the paddock.

Aren't these camelias absolutely beautiful?   I was at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens again and their hothouse display had a few small camelia trees.   This one and another one were exquisite, ones I had never seen before.  

This is a good one with the kookaburra as well.  The original is much further away.

She then hopped over the fence into my back yard, where she stood and looked at my brother.   

Isn't this beautiful.  If flowers are so lovely here on this sinful world, imagine what they will be like in heaven.   And always remember, they were designed my the Father and His Son, the Great Designer.

It was a special time for me and for my two visitors.

Well my friends, that is all I have of kangaroos.   It would have to be a good one to put any more, but I am happy with these, even if some have been enlarged.

I look forward to being able to tell you I am well again, but as there are many issues, it will take time.   I am having lots of good nourishing foods and drinks, and doing all I know to do.  But everything needs the blessing of the Lord, and I am asking Him to bless.

I did my mowing today, but it hurts my hand to put pressure on the wheel (a rideon mower) so I might have to ask my brother to come and help me, especially when it is Spring as I have to mow every week during that season.   And it is coming up soon, next month.

God be with you all.  

​                                                     Margaretha

Oh, I have to show you the other camelia.