Beauty of Comfort

Hello Friends,

It is quite some time since I have been to visit the site, and I have almost forgotten how to do some things. Unfortunately I am still sick from radiation.  I keep finding devices that affect me, and being on the computer too long is one of them!

However, I am working on some natural remedies and hope I will improve soon.   One of the symptoms from smart meter radiation is cancer, and I have one on my toe, my leg, my arm, some on my face and scalp.   I used the cream the doctor gave me, but it made me even sicker, so I contacted a friend who has a natural clinic and she said to put castor oil on them, as it will break up the cancer.   So I am doing that.  Remember that if you have skin cancers.  Even if it is under the surface, you can still rub it on the skin and it will penetrate.

I have also bought some earthing mats, and although they do not help with EMF, they do cut down the electrical charge when you put your bare feet or hands on them.   I do not have wifi now, but an ethernet cable instead, however, I have found out that the modem from the satellite gives off radiation at the bottom of it.   I was told there was no radiation, but I tested it and found that it does.  Thankfully I do  not have it under my desk on the wall or on my desk, but in another room.  When I am not on computer, I turn it off.

I also found that my treadmill affected me.  The radiation comes from the base of it where the feet are, yet it still made me sick.   And also my smart phone.  I did one 10-minute call, partly on speaker, to find an address of a doctor where I had an appointment, but as I could not hear the girl properly with speaker, I put it to my ear.  After a total of ten minutes, I was sick.  

I have been playing the organ for friend's church service and always wondered why I felt sick after the service, until I discovered I was sitting right under the smart meter!   The last time I was there, I could not walk to my car without support.

So it is not good.   A favourite Bible verse I found is Jeremiah 29:11.   "I know the thoughts I think about you, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope."   That is very encouraging.

I  have written an article on smart meters and will post it up soon.   It will be followed up by cell phones, wifi, and other devices, and how important it is for EVERYONE to take precautions.

The  beautiful flowers are on a flowering gum in Australia, just outside the supermarket.   So beautiful.

God be with you all, and I hope my experience will help others get well.

​                                                              Margaretha

Soon I will put up more pictures under Australian Flowers

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