Beauty of Comfort

Dear Friends,    I am in Michigan at present, at the library, but can't get my pictures to remain on my external hard drive so I can put them on here .  The pictures shown are in California near Crescent City.  I have not been there this year, but may do so soon.   When I can get some current photos available, I will add them to this site. I want to give a random range of pictures from a tour-week tour I did in Colorado, Utah and Arizona.   An amazing two weeks, but full-on.  We travelled lots and lots of miles, but it was well worth it as we saw so many state, national parks and national monuments.

Until then..... God bless you.   Keep smiling.

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I am still in Michigan and still can't access my picture files.   I have been taking lots of pictures of lilies, all so beautiful.   I can't wait to show you.  It may have to wait until I get home, but I will try my phone and see if it works. Unfortunately my phone has stopped working in one area so I can't take any more pictures with it, but I can see my pictures.  At least I have my tablet and camera, so I am not without a means to take more photos.  I could not exist without one.

This was around the same area, where the river meets the ocean.  This world has so many beautiful places.  America is very special to me and when I can put my pictures on you will see how much variety it has in beauty.  Every country has its beauty, so enjoy it where you are.    But if you are in the United States, enjoy what you have with all the enthusiasm you can.   I do.

The best pictures are on my tablet, so you will have to be patient and wait until I can access a computer here, or wait till I get home.  In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of these roses and know that our Creator made them especially for us to enjoy.


This is the rose garden in Portland.  It is huge and so beautiful.

Until we meet again.   God be with you.    Margaretha

My first view of Crescent City beach.   It is so beautiful.   I have been in the mountains and long to see the beach.   It will be some time yet.    Enjoy these few pictures.

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Blessings to you.

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I thought I was going to have success with my phone, but although I was able to get a few pictures, it is too difficult.   It only transfers one picture at a time, and then I have to start again. Also they are so small I am not sure what I am getting.   As well, the current pictures are mixed up with the ones that were one there.  Oh dear!   Below are a few I was able to transfer.

I did manage to find my skyline of Denver, Colorado.  One is in the taxi, the others are from my motel door.   What a view from there!  I took advantage of the different times of the day and each looked so good.