Beauty of Comfort

Music -- Dolannes Melodie by Jean Claude Borelly 1975

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This wattle is on a vacant block in a country town.   It is about 6 metres (20 feet) high.   So beautiful.

The wattle makes a pretty reflection at the lake

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Australia's national colours are yellow and green due to the wattle and the eucalyptus. During the winter wattles are everywhere, over 200 varieties. Many are regarded as weeds, being small scrubby bushes, but they still look pretty. Others are magnificent trees like the above. This is one of my favourite places for photographing the wattles.  Eucalyptus (called gums) are evergreens, so their leaves are always green, not a pretty green, but green none-the-less.

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The wattle flowers vary in shape and vibrancy of colour.   The above is a paler type than the tree above.

This wattle is a magnificent specimen.   It is on the side of a country road and is about 3 metres (10 feet) high, although it looks small in the picture.

It looks like a beautiful flowing dress as it touches the ground

Sheep have eaten the lower branches of this wattle making it uniform in shape.  I happened to spot it while driving and it looked so pretty among the gums.

Wattles mingled with the gums on the side of the road